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Static page is sent to the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) as is.

Essentially, in terms of a static website, we refer to a website that is written in straight forword HTML (the language used to produce web pages - Hypertext Markup Language). As no database, or content-management facility is provided, the only way to alter the content seen on a web page is to alter the web page itself (of course, we can do that for you if you would like us to maintain your website). It doesn't mean that the webite will just be boring plain text - of course the intention is to develop it in such a way as to reflect the image of your business effectively. It also doesn't mean that it can't be interactive - specialist forms for customers to complete (e.g. insurance proposal forms, enquiry forms, etc.) can also be incorporated.

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HTML pages are "static" in the sense that the code - the page in its HTML format - is sent to the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) as is. The HTML appears to the browser exactly the way it was written by the programmer.

Following benefits Of Static Website Designing

  • Represent your business/corporate Strategy or any other Information.
  • Save Your time to access relevant information according your needs.
  • Increase in system flexibility using.
  • Trimming down of designing and maintenance costs and time
  • Increasing amount of high-quality commercial off-the-shelf products.

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Basic features Our Static Website design

  • That professional touch from a professional webmaster.
  • Navigation system (based on provided reference site).
  • Common Header (based on provided reference site).
  • Common Footer (based on provided reference site).
  • Optional Counter
  • Optional Today Script
  • Page Titles
  • Meta-tags

After the browser gets the file from the server (the internet computer holding the HTML files), it reads the code and displays the page. No 'thinking' or decision making is done by the server or the browser. The summary of serving a static page goes something like:

  • The request is made by the visitor of the website
  • The server locates the file requested
  • Server sends the requested file(s) back to the browser.
  • Browser reads the HTML and displays the web page.