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Increasing your search engine rankings is not that easy. With millions of web sites vying for your customer's attention, "search engine optimization" is the only reliable way to bring customers in through the internet. Sure, you can get customers to your web site through other kinds of expensive advertising and by handing out your cards, one by one. But if you want the Internet to bring customers to you, "search engine optimization and manual search engine submission" is the best way to go.

Search Engine Submission Vancouver

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Policies for adding URLs vary among various search engines. Some search engines only ask for the main URL of a site, claiming that the rest of the site will be spidered; others require the submission of individual pages. Variation also exists with regard to how often URLs may be added, as some engines have tried to discourage bulk submissions in an attempt to minimize spamming.

Our search engine submission engine is the most powerful promotional tool of our service. With more than 700,000 sites to submit to, we make sure that your website can get maximum search engine saturation. So, you may be asking yourself, why should we care about getting traffic from search engines?

  • Facts: More than 80 percent of Web users find the sites they're looking for by using a search engine, according to both Forrester Research and Georgia Techa€?s GVU Center User Surveys. Every single day, 57 percent of Web users search the Internet, making search the second most popular Internet activity after e-mail (according to Statistical Research, Inc.). Clearly, the old "fish where the fish are" analogy holds true here.
  • Effectiveness: Search listings outscore banner and tile ads by more than two to one on measures including awareness, likelihood to click-on, and overall opinion.
  • Bulls-eye: Search engines drive extremely targeted traffic. Think about it: The visitor who finds your site through a search engine is looking for exactly what you're selling. You can't find a much warmer prospect than that.
  • Ante up: SEO is one of the least expensive methods of driving traffic to a site. If you've got the time, you can learn a lot of the tricks of the trade and do it yourself for next to nothing. If you hire a company to do the work for you, the pricing can range, but you can often get results by paying a few thousand dollars upfront and a few hundred a month--a pittance compared to traditional media costs.
  • Explosive growth: As the number of pages on the Web grows, so do the number of pages indexed by the search engines. Several engines have moved from the millions of pages indexed into the billions.

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One more advantage of search engine optimization is improving your ability to sell products. Since if you made and write articles about the essentials of using that certain product, and how it can help people, so then you are giving the users or readers the information which can lead to the reader's decision.