Real Estate Website Design Vancouver

Real Estate websites are created for home buyers and sellers who want to make their real estate buying and selling, their online transactions more easier and cost-effective

A successful and functional real estate web site must have relevant information that is displayed timely and will be of the appropriate use to buyers and sellers. Addition of new information is an important feature for visitors and this aspect must be implemented in the website to entice visitors to return. Implementation of a newsletter in a real estate website can convey news and information and provide lead capture and generation tools that will make your web site visitors come to you.

Web Application Development Vancouver Canada

Real Estate Web Development Canada

We develop each Real Estate website with a flexible and user-friendly functionality. The web site design for real estate websites enables the clients to dynamically manage information. Some of the common functionality that we implement successfully to websites is storing or saving a visitors information like his name or email address that the visitor fills up in a form, so that the client can send the visitor an email when needed. Another common feature is that when a visitor to the site chooses specific search criteria and clicks the a€?Searcha€ button on your search page, the Web site interprets the visitora€?s criteria and displays the matching properties from the database. When a visitor clicks on an individual property detail page we implement the functionality that uses a specific identifier in the link to retrieve the proper database record and displays the page showing that propertya€?s specific details.

Custom Real Estate Website Development System

We offer custom designed real estate web sites and web site design for the real estate, realtor, property development and building industry. Every real estate website is conceived and designed from scratch, customized according to your specific requirements.