Logo Design Vancouver, Canada

Your Unique Logos is a statement of your business to the world. Existing clients, prospective clients, suppliers and staff all identify with the purpose and values of your company through a logo. Your logo can influence whether a customer will buy your product or service, and can even attract the right suppliers with the right prices to your business.

Logo DEsign Vancouver Canada

What to expect when working with Unique Logo Design?

Your Corporate Identity or Logo Design is often what makes the first and lasting impression. Logo design is a necessary and important component of brand. Every successful brand is recognized by their logo, and their logo embodies the Spirit Of The Company. Logo design is an important piece of artwork that helps you market your business. We provide Customized Logo Designs according to customers need

Professional Quality

We know that you expect your interaction with our logo design company to result in a professional and easy to remember logo. Your assigned team consists of professional and experienced logo designers that will help you to achieve your goal.


When you pay for your company's logo design, the last thing you want is your logo to look just like the other companies who use clipart or do-it-yourself logo design websites. All our clients receive uniquely designed symbols and logo types.

Fast Turnaround

When you choose Unique Logo Design, be sure you'll see results fast. Not only that the initial logo designs will come in less than 72 hours*, but the revisions will also be ready in 12 - 48 hours only! That means you will be able to have your newly created logo in a week or less.

Business Focused

We don't create beautiful logo designs only. We create logos with a purpose, logos to help you gain more customers, brand recognition and ultimately to help you sell more. We do business logos! Have you ever had a hard drive crash or wanted to use a back-up CD and discovered that it is broken? If that happens you won't have to worry for your logo design files! We offer all our clients fast access to their logo files, instant, free and for life - your files will be hosted on a secure server with daily back-ups. All you have to do is to access the private link we will sent you at the end of the project, or contact us and we'll send it to you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are dedicated to help you achieve a professional logo which will make your business stand out from the crowd. We also guarantee that we'll keep on working until you are happy with your new logo design.

Available Worldwide

No, we don't speak all these languages, but we welcome any clients from any of the six continents. We have successfully created logos for businesses in Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, US and many other countries - we welcome you wherever you come from!