Asp.Net Web Development Vancouver

Microsoft .NET / DOT NET is a platform built on top of the operating system. .NET provides a programming platform for developers to build and deploy web application and standard (non-browser) applications.

We can also assist with modifications to existing custom web software or orphaned web database products. Our Custom web database development typically includes:

  • Admin Control Panel
  • Integrated Windows Service Controls
  • Delivered with Full Source Code
  • Microsoft C# and .NET development
  • ASP.Net Server Pages
  • Integrated SQL Server Database
Web Application Development Vancouver Canada

Dot Net Programming Vancouver

The Websiteforless develops custom database driven website applications using the latest versions of Open Source tools or .NET and the Microsoft technology framework.Our dedicated professionals have significant hands on, real world business and organizational experience that is reflected in the web database solutions we install. We can provide the database consulting, database design and database software development skills necessary to help you build a high quality custom database web site that will make your business more accessible to your customers and vendors. Our experienced eCommerce software consultants will work directly with you and your staff to define the business requirements of your, review available database development technology to determine the most appropriate environment for your web database applications, and build a realistic plan for the design, development, deployment, and support of your web database software.

Developed for the Internet Age The .NET platform has been designed particularly for the Internet age. ASP.NET and web services enable programmers to build scalable applications for the future with less coding and better performance.
Standard Toolset
Automatic Memory Management
Versioning and Type Safety
Unified Programming Model for Smart Client Application Development

Asp.Net Database Design & Development

Don't let your business fall behind your competitors. Our mission is to help our business partners maximize their performance by leveraging custom database software technologies. We have many, many years of software design and database programming experience and we enjoy sharing this knowledge with our customers. At Websiteforless we are committed to assisting our customers in finding the best possible technology solutions for their database software applications. We can help you design high performance custom database software that will power your business on the world wide web. Call today for a free consultation to discuss your database software requirements with our web database development staff.

Advantages of .NET Development

Multiple Languages: Another benefit of .NET is the facility to program in multiple languages, which allows programmers to use their favorite languages. That is, different modules of an application can be coded in any of the DOT NET-compliant languages and can be integrated as a single application. Even classes defined in one language can be used in another language. Any language that can be compiled into Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) is considered a .NET-compliant language. We offer you .net development in India and offshore at exclusive prices.

Following are a few of the popular .NET-compliant languages supported by CLR: APL COBOL, Component Pascal Eiffel, Fortran JScript, Mercury Oberon, Pascal Perl, Python Smalltalk, Visual Basic Visual C#, Visual C++

Working Methodology :

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Process Model defines the following working methodology which we implement in Websiteforless is as follows:

  • Gathering and Analyzing Information
  • Envisioning the Solution
  • Creating the Conceptual Design
  • Creating the Logical Design
  • Creating the Physical Design
  • Designing the Presentation Layer.
  • Designing the Data Layer
  • Designing Security Specifications.
  • Completing the Planning Phase
  • Stabilizing and Deploying the Solution.